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----School and Life----

Realised just now that i've really neglected my DA as of late. Time for an update:

 Meh... So i've finally moved (about two months ago) to my dad's old place and been keeping myself busy over the time. Im still looking for work,so far hasnt really paid (hahaha...damn poor choice of words too. Damn it. I just did it again. FML) in any way. Not a single answer,not even a phone call to tell me to go F' myself :( I've started an internship in Tattoo Art,been sketching lots of stuff for line study; and I've realized as well that my book has swelled in artwork more in the last 2 months than the last two years I've had it. So that's kind of sad actually too,because my dream of becoming an artist has really only been hindered by myself and my unwillingness to actually draw. Been getting echoes that apparently my work has gotten a lot better,smoother and cleaner though, so at least its a release a bit.
 I'm still however under huge pressure from this whole situation as im really running low on cash and i just cant ask my parents for help anymore. I consider that its all my own fault for getting myself in this mess and it's up to me to dig myself out with claw and teeth out of the grave. So yeah,sums up to being too proud to ask for help yet too much of a failure to get out of it as well. Drinks all 'round, it's on me :(

In other news, i've gotten a cat.…
Squirrely little bastard he is,but i still love him. Sure he ate half the cables i had at home,and sure i had to buy new ones. Don't matter if i had to buy a new Xbox controller because he chewed his way through the old one. And yes of course i sleep less because he meows all night and day and cause his poop stinks. But i love him. He's mine.

Im planning my next cosplay work as well, my lady-b***h :iconundeadzombiegirl: and I have signed up with a team for a Skyrim group show so i sort of need to start working on my suit. Decided on a Dragon Priest to do something different for once compared to the 'nth Dragonborn... Also on the stove are a 50/50 choice between a Judge Dredd suit and Adam Jensen,for simple wear during the convention. Dredd (although with my own name badge) is a more likely option if i can order a helmet though,as Jensen requires much more maintenance should anything break. Im planning on stitching the arm parts with shiny vinyl and foam tubing to get the cyber-implant feel,as well as having extendable arm-blades. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it :)

----Movies,Gaming,Music,Comic Books,Toys and Painting----

 Im still way behind movies,still preferring to catch up to older stuff i've missed instead of following tomorrow's new blockbuster. Been watching S8 of Supernatural though,sort of finally caught to that at least,as well as all the seasons of MacGyver (and shut your W***E mouth about it being campy and kitsch. Its Angus Mc-Fucking-Gyver) to catch up to what i missed as a kid.

 Finally started Metro Last Light,absolutely love it. It has much more atmosphere than his older brother 2033,a lot more back story both visually and "virtually" (im trying to say here that the world itself is alive. People go places,trade,talk to you,play music or fight in the Metro streets. Compared to pretty much all other FPSs,there is a teaming world in the dying Metro.) as well. There's rarely a moment where ive wanted to drop the game and play something else. No...Saturation i guess. The story flows from one event to the other in a simple and clean fashion. Small,subtle background elements also make the world feel alive,would it be a small touching scene between a veteran coming back to his girl from a mission unscathed or finding a old,rusting play park in the streets of bombed Moscow. Being myself Russian, I often find myself with a tear on the eye because of all the attention to the small details and moments of the game. Really,its sometimes even moving to see some events unfold. Really REALLY recommend that game.

 Also been playing a lot of God Of War Ascension lately,leveling up my Hades champion. Fun stuff,has a decent competitive side although some Gods are a bit broken compared to the other ones. Some notable examples are Ares's Champion powers turning a player invincible for a given time or Zeus stunning opponents WHILE regaining magic for damage dealt. Its all varied however to what armor and weapon combo is chosen,as well as the spell-item-relic choices,but some are still overpower compared to the other Gods :S Its weird,and often very punishing to start a game,have no trouble killing 3-4 guys in a row and then get one-combo-killed by an Ares champion immune to damage or being stunned by magic and kicked out of the arena.

 Still in my Clutch phase,but i've discovered the Black Keys which are (is?) enjoyable as well. Simple upbeat hipster music i'd say,but still clean enough to have as background noise when working. Hollywood Undead have also been very often on my playlist as off late,with their last album being a real blast.

Comics and Toys->
 As some of you know,im an avid collector of action figures and comic books so i think i'll start posting stuff about that as well from time to time. I've started reading Elephant Men as of late,and im really enjoying it. Wounded Animals (book 1 essentially) is a really good analogy to WW2 and the Nazi Regime (the MAPO corp and its genetically perfect Elephant men),drawing a parallel to the extermination of the Jewish populace (here replaced by some sort of plague-like virus) and the French Resistance movement. The art and story is very crisp,the compendium books having a rather decent slice of cover art with pencil-to-ink-to-color pages and lots of sketch pages. Its very much worth checking out I think. I've also started reading (thanks to :icontheeyzmaster:) the NEW 52 Jonah Hex stories, and admittedly have to enjoy the switch. Its still Hex as we know him from the older days,but there's a slight twist (I wont spoil it in case you haven't read it yet. N2 came out not too long ago so you didnt miss much yet) in the setting that gives new writing outlets. The art is also as good as the old ones, so you still get top-notch work. This is important for some,me included, as some long-running lines of comic books have switched artists and the art suffered greatly from that (Im looking at you Punisher MAX).
 On the toy business front, my latest store findings have been the AMAZING NECA Aliens and Predator series as well as a few older gems i've picked it at another store. You can easily find reviews of the NECA toys on Youtube,but i can tell you that they're worth every dime. Both the Aliens and Predator late runners have an amazing attention to detail and paint quality,so grab them off the shelf while they're around. I also happily got my hands on some old McFarlane (remember when the team used to do GOOD figures,not the recent Walking Dead crap they're trying to sell) stuff,namely the one and only Snake Plissken from the 2 Escape movies (the one i have is the Escape LA variant,i have no idea if a NY version is available :( ) and a Conan diorama. Was looking for some Conan swag for some time now,glad to have found these oldies :) Very pretty both,especially the Conan one. The joints could use some cover work to hide them as they're a bit too apparent for my tastes but hey,who am i to complain when i found 10-year old figures NOW ;)

"Does it really matter how it all started,
does it really matter how it's gonna end?
Reality is gettin' too damn unpredictable,
unpredictable times call for the reliable friend.

My Rocket 88, fastest in the land.
Crucial, crucial, velocity."

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  • Watching: Supernatural S8,MacGyver S7
  • Playing: CoH 2,Last Light, GoW Ascension
  • Eating: badly
  • Drinking: Ice Tea,Water


Trigger-Happy Artist
Nothing much to say except that i want a coat like that...

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